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Industrial Dynamic Balancing (Any Rotor Industrial Balancing Including Crankshaft, Drum Shaft, Gear Table)

Vi-TECH has a long history of performing vibration analysis and shop industrial rotor balancing for the petrochemical, refinery, and manufacturing industries involved with any rotating equipment. We are constantly upgrading our equipment to ensure our clients the best balancing service that modern technology, combined with experience and craftsmanship can produce.

Balancing Capabilities:

*        Schenk H6B 40,000 lbs capability

*        Schenk H40B 4,000 lbs capability

*        Schenk H30B 1,000 lbs capability

*        Hofmann HDVJ Vertical 100 lbs capability

All program used in our shop are well managed by EasyBalance Program by Balance Master, Inc.


We have extensive experience balancing:
Drum Shaft, Crankshaft, Gear Table, Pump impeller, pump rotor, Steam Turbines rotor, Blowers and Fans, Compressors, Root Blowers, Centrifuges.

Vi-TECH offers 24-7 Service - Call 281-991-6200

Vi-TECH offers 24-7 Service - Call 281-991-6200



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