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Fast, but Flexible to meet all Industrial Balancing, Rotor Dynamic
Balancing services and Precision Machining needs

Vi-TECH located in Houston, TX where the heart of rotating equipment offers Industrial Dynamic Rotor Balancing (Any type of rotor dynamic balancing including; Rotor Industrial Balancing, Drum Shaft Balancing, Crank Shaft Balancing). We also provide the routine scheduled preventative maintenance such as vibration analysis and shaft laser alignment. We troubleshoot non-performing and poor-performing rotating equipment. Besides these service, we provide custom machining service for any type of rotating equipment (Shaft, Coupling, Rigid Coupling, Impeller).


Our extensive industrial rotor dynamic balancing expertise and machining capabilities allow us to define and execute the repairs or simply implement our clients' specified repairs from Houston area.

Vi-TECH offers 24-7 Service - Call 281-991-6200


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